Befriending Anxiety

During the pandemic’s shelter in place my daughter developed anxiety and panic attacks and I noticed that it trigger things in me and I didn’t know how to help her during those moments. This year when she was very sick and had to be hospitalized and had a very risky surgery we both experienced a lot of anxiety. It was hard to take care of myself when she needed so much help, but with your workshop I realized that I needed to take care of me first and give myself some compassion, I was always beating myself up for not catching my daughter illness before. I learned to breathe more and to be a better companion when my girl goes through anxiety attacks every time we have to deal with another medical procedure. You gave me tools that help us both.” P.G

Befriending Anxiety

I realized I struggled with anxiety, but I didn’t know how to name it. The breathing square technique was beneficial to me. I realized that I have control over some things, and others I don’t and that’s ok. The practice of speaking to myself with kindness and compassion when my anxiety comes up has helped me to manage my anxiety in a friendly way. Ross

Stress Management

During the coaching sessions I felt listened, accompanied, and not judged. When I shared some of the things I struggled with, Maribel always showed care and helped me understand how the brain works and how we develop unhealthy habits. I’m grateful for Maribel’s support and for providing this safe space and for helping me accomplish my wellness goals. J.C

1-1 Health & Wellness Coaching

Through this coaching experience I learned that in order to care for others I would have to care for myself first. I wasn’t sleeping and resting enough. Maribel helped me to change my mindset about what “rest” means. Eventually I went from 5 hours of sleep at night to 7 and that was big change for me. I know that I have to continue to do the work of “putting the oxygen mask” first. It’s a continuous practice 🙂 I really recommend working with Maribel and to look at your habits in order to be well. Vale

1:1 Coaching

My experience during these 90 days was 100% positive. During this time I learned to love and care for myself with the same care as I would give to my kids and students. I understood that with patience and perseverance I could transform my life into the best version of myself. I have lost 50 lbs and I feel healthier and happier. I highly recommend Maribel. Her guidance and support led me to achieve my wellness goals with compassion. M. RE

Self Compassion

The coaching process with Maribel was an awakening of the sensitive and compassionate part of myself. This allowed me to see my flaws with compassion which gave me more inner peace. The mayor breakthrough was to realize that strength and confidence comes from within. I now feel more self-compassionate, empowered, and have more positive energy. I also believe that I can face my fears so that I can start working towards achieving my goals. Many Thanks! -Malena S.